Rings on point 👌🏼 #happyhumpday ・・・ 📷: @rocknblond

Happy Humpday!!! Please follow the Breathtakingly Beautiful, and Intoxicating Sunkissed Exotic Goddess Beatriz!!!💕💕💕 . @beatrizlobbo . Feliz quarta-feira!!! @beatrizlobbo . Por favor, siga sua página!!! . .

Top knot and tub time 🛀 . . . #happyhumpday #bubblebath #tub

‘Happy Hump Day Huns’ 🐪

We shouldn’t confuse self love with allowing our emotions control our life ⚖️ . There are many pivotal points in the process of transforming yourself, whether it’s your body or your mind, where you already know what to do but you don’t want to do it. . You make excuses. You find distractions. You tell yourself you need rest or time to process. Even when there’s important work to be done. . This is when it’s ok to tell that voice in your head to shut the fuck up and get to work 😘🤪 #toughselflove #happyhumpday

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Yep this is so true! Happy hump days! #happyhumpday #recognizeyourworth #youareworthit

Not exactly a lovely background for a photo with my kitchen radiator, unhoovered landing and the bathroom on show but these are my boys and I love them with everything I have. I live for that happy face and even though he pisses Albie off with his overwhelming affection, he loves him really. I’ve felt proper crap today, but I made the most delicious chicken and veg soup, and a tomato and pepper one and I felt like I was winning. I’ve also uploaded a video to my YouTube channel - yes - I did just say that haha - so I’d love it if you went and clicked the link in my bio to check it out :) #myboys #jaxsonneozackery #jeorgiacook #happyhumpday #ifeellikepoo

Still struggling with hayfever/loaded with the cold so this huge bowl of soup 🍜 was just what the doctor ordered 😁💖 chilli salmon with a veg ramen and rice noodles 😍 Delish! Let me know if you want me to post the recipe! 💚 Happy humpday everyone!