Y llegó el día de tu Prom... Alegría y Nostalgia....Gracias Dios por esta princesa!! #ProudMom #MamaOrgullosa #Las3M #MirandaSophia @mirandasophiaa

•• s u r r e n d e r •• . Simple in theory. . Painful in practice. . Necessary in growth. . Tantric in mastery. . . Her Art of Surrender A collection of stories about letting go of the past and embracing the soul . A book co-authored by myself and 19 other brave and powerful women from around the world launches September 2018. . If you feel called to share in our stories, let me know and I will put you on the list to contact when a date is set 💖 #weareallinthistogether #togetherwerise . . .

-- The Aftermath -- . . As the storm passes She is left here In the aftermath . It was a wild one A violent one A destructive one Not much remains as it was before . Yet as she sits In the aftermath Bare naked and raw With fallen structures around her Rubble strewn in the streets And nothing familiar remaining . There is a peace A spaciousness A sigh A softening . The storm destroyed so much And left a mess to clean up There will be more work to come . But she trusts The one who made it through As gracefully as one could . And she honours The bravery The love The courage The trust That it took To stand in the eye of the storm While the world around her And within her Crumbled . And there is no rush All there is now is space To sit and wait patiently For what begins to regrow And listen for what wants to be birthed Through her hands And her heart . She does not know This new world For it has never been before . But she sighs And she softens And she surrenders Into the spaciousness Of the unknown . At peace for this moment In the aftermath . . -Miranda Sophia . . photo :: @ohnettie

Mis princesas!!! Quienes me enseñan todos los días como amar profundamente... me escogieron a mi como su madre y le pido a Dios que siempre se sientan orgullosas y dichosas de tenerme. Sin duda protegerlas, formarlas y amarlas ha sido el rol más importante y hermoso en mi vida. #mirandasophia #isabellasophia

Don't hold too tightly to your beliefs, for when the time comes for those beliefs to be transformed or expanded, you may miss the opportunity for your highest growth and maturation. . Believe fiercely. Don't be attached to those beliefs. . Desire deeply. Don't be attached to those desires. . Feel it all. Don't be attached to those feelings. . Be passionate. Don't sell yourself short by identifying with your passion. . . You are you. Divinity embodied. . Both human and spirit. . Spirit expressing itself through the trillions of cells that make up your human experience. . Living in a world of duality Where seemingly polarized realities are equally true. . How great can you expand your capacity to hold space for the "BOTH/AND" consciousness to permeate your BEingness? . How graceful can you dance between your seemingly contrasting experiences, truths, beliefs, without getting stuck within any of them? . How effortless can you become at being Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit? All of them separately at different times, then move into ecstatic union with all of everything at once, without being attached to being in that experience? . What is your capacity for asking questions and contemplating without ever needing to find the answers? . . #divinebeing #divinelyhuman #itisallholy #itisallsacred #nonattachment #letgo #letgoandletgod #surrender #grace #BE #BEcoming #reclaimation #rebirth #holyhuman #wisdom #inspiration #contemplation #eyeofthestorm #lightworker #MirandaSophia

Este es mi segundo Dia especial . aunque para mi todos los dias aon mi dia porque #MirandaSophia me enseña a ser mejor persona y por lo tanto mejor mama. A pesar que mi familia esta toda regada por el mundo , hoy celebro este dia con la FE de que pronto nos volveremos a encontrar . . . Aun tengo nucho que aprender pero se que Dios me dara la sabuduria necesaria para que mi bebe crezxa y sea una mujer que sepa llevarlo en su corazon . . . . Por cierto aqui les dejo mis notas mentales diarias : *¡ TODO va a estar bien ! * Bebe sano NO es igual a bebe gordito "Millones de años de evolucion no pasan en vano , confia en ti ! * Gracias #papaDios gracias ! . . . Te amo hijita mia , gracias por elegirme como tu mama !

For so long we have forgotten our light. . We have denied ourselves the sacredness of the full spectrum of experiences of being human, in turn building up subconscious programs of fear, guilt, shame, grief, and others, that drive our thoughts, words, actions and reactions for most of our life. . These programs create patterns that continue to move us away from our body, away from our emotions, away from our power, away from ourselves, and into suffering, disconnection and a lack of sense of who we are and where we belong. . Here's the truth: . You belong right here, in your body. . You belong to you. . It's time to come home. It's time to feel again. It's time to step into your power. It's time to turn on the light. It's time to be who you were really meant to be. . -Miranda Sophia . . Photo :: @matandsaraliketophoto

I am hoping to have info on the Divine Human Embodiment mentorship program out by this afternoon (tomorrow at the latest)! . If you are feeling called to work with me 1 on 1, let me know and will send the info out to those who have expressed interest first before I share it publicly. I am only opening 4 spots each month. . PS. Shoutout to my newly updated living room, I'm so in love! Wicker and wood and gold and plants and crystals and texture and patterns oh my! 💖 . . #divinebeing #divinity #embodiment #embodiedgoddess #coaching #coach #embodimentcoach #comehome #divinehuman #embodyyourdivinity #lightworker #healing #transformation #rememberwhyyoucamehere #rememberyourbrilliance #rememberwhoyouare #divinefeminine #priestess #naturaldecor #bohostyle #eclecticdecor #beautyiseverywhere #MirandaSophia