WHEN I SAY PUMP YOU SAY DUMP- PUMP! (DUMP!) PUMP! (DUMP!) PUMP! (DUMP!)📈📉📈📉📈📉 ~ What do you think is in the cards for Adomani Inc (NASDAQ: ADOM) after it fell -20% today?😬 ~ •Why the Fall? —> Remember my last post about HTBX and CLWT (see previous post), well I think the same thing is forming here with ADOM. ~ •What Does this Mean? —> I believe that what we have here is another victim of the infamous pump & dump scheme as there was no company news released that would cause such a quick rise and fall. Pump & dumps are usually initiated by big companies that invest in a stock, causing a jump in price. Then, more and more people come to the stock looking to make money off of it and as the volume rises, so does the stock! Eventually, when the big investors get up to a certain price, they sell all of their shares, causing the stock to drop. And when people see their profits going down, they also sell their shares causing a massive sell-off or “dump” as people secure their profits or get scared of the falling price and sell their stock. This quick rise and fall of a stock is known as a pump & dump. ~ •Do you think ADOM is part of a Pump & Dump? 🧐 —> Let me know in the comments below!! ~ KEEP READING (giveaway info below) ~ As a thank you for following @prettypennystocks I will be doing a giveaway at 600 followers!!🎉💰 ~ I’ll be posting more about this later in the week, so check back in and get your friends to follow @prettypennystocks for a chance to win!🤑

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BA [Boeing] 356.14$ I want to purchase 5 of this at the 200 range. With Southwest and Boeing I will consolidate a huge stake on my portfolio. Are you new to investing or want to start investing this is the place to be.

VLO [Valero] 120.50$ This was another option for my oil stock block but I will wait for it to go even more low. With this gas prices how is the revenue going to look like the oil barrel price increase. What oil stocks do you own? 💪🏾

Stock Market goals with price ranges included. Do you know your risk tolerance?

LUV [Southwest] 50.98$ For my portfolio this is going to be the choice in the airlines business. With a low PE and and a good dividend Is why I choose this company plus if you look at the financials you might have to look that up in @yahoofinance to find more about the stocks. My goal is to buy 5 shares under 50 the closer I can get to 45 the better. This move will be studied too with the purchase of some BA (Boeing) 5 as well but I will have to wait because BA numbers are really high right now and I strongly believe that’s it’s overprice for this current market.

PEP [Pepsi] 99.93$ Pepsi hit again 100$ the stock has been suffering the bears for a while now but the numbers look good. I own Coca-Cola stocks but I think Pepsi is a great buy due the chips and the other drinks like Gatored and Mountain Dew. Maybe next time it hits below that 95$ I will get 5 shares to secure my stock block on Food and Consumers. Due you own any of the stocks that I mentioned? If you do comment below who’s is going to win the war Coca-Cola or Pepsi ?

HTZ, Took a $1K position. Let me know your thoughts and I will be keep an update of how it does. #stocks #htz #hertz #market #stocktrader #stocktrading #daytrader #robinhoodtrading #robinhoodapp #percentgainers #gains #moneymoves

Three are low volatility and one is high, all currently green and happy lines 😁 #robinhood #robinhoodapp #hodl on the low volatile and #swingtrade on the one high volatile 🎲

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XOM [Exxon Mobil] 82.20$. This is my choice for oil company I want to purchase around the 80 range but with oil prices rising this is going to be a tough one. What oil company you want in your portfolio? The other stock in the oil world is BP British Petroleum. Two solid stocks building a good portfolio. I want to purchase 5 shares of this.

GS [Goldman Sachs] 237.70$. This is another financial stock I was looking into getting but with a higher PE Ratio and a much higher price I went with MS. Diversification is key so I’m going to build my portfolio on different blocks and sectors. Are you a Goldman fan?

MS [Morgan Stanley] This is one of my choices for my financial move next pick is going to be some shares of TD to make a solid economic block. MS sits at a dividend yield of 1.72 and a low PE ratio at 15.36. If the stocks drops under 50$ I’m going to pick some extra shares(5). What are your thoughts in this move?

What my portfolio looks like. 💪🏾

Today got my self 5 shares of @morgan.stanley