FRT, so many ppl mistake my kindness and my bubbly positive empathic healer vibes to = “let me walk all over you, I only come to you if I need something from you, dump all my negativity onto you so you can heal all the hurt I’ve held on to all these years and during past lives.” NO. I’m not a doormat. 🚫🙅🏼‍♀️ All my life I’ve worn my heart ♥️ on my sleeve. My own sister complained DAILY saying “you’re too sensitive! Get over it!” As an Empath, I can FEEL things others can’t. I can sense things that are unbalanced and intuitively know how to heal, put back together, empower others to heal themselves etc. I can sense when someone is having a bad day. Or carrying PAIN around with them. I can SEE something that may happen to someone before it even happens. And often, it DOES happen. I can FEEL other entities, ghosts, energies, spirits, demons, arch-Angels- the list goes on. It freaks many people the fuck out. I’ve lost friendships over it. They’ve literally ghosted me. I’ve also had “friends”, business associates, lovers even strangers take advantage of my love and my genuine kindness all throughout my life. So for many years I allowed my “gifts” to lay dormant. I had had enough heartache. But over the last few years, I decided I was tired pretending. It often times was MORE exhausting pretending to be someone I was not. Though life has had many ups and downs and heartache is inevitable, I decided to get deeper within, deeper connected to my Higher Self and be unapologetically authentically ME. And as I RISE I notice some of the same patterns come to the surface. And I’m DONE. I am re-writing this contract with myself for this and all other lifetimes and with all beings . I will ALWAYS come from a place of LOVE. I will ALWAYS greet people with kindness. I will ALWAYS show gratitude. I will ALWAYS practice random acts of kindness to those I love and complete strangers. But DO NOT 🙅🏼‍♀️mistake my kindness, my authenticity, my LIGHT ✨ and especially my talents, business services or love & friendship to be some stupid airhead blonde bimbo who you should take advantage of. NOPE #queen #walkinyourlight #headheldhigh #dontfuckwithme #dontcrossthiswitch #witch



Yup. Everyone’s getting cursed 👌🏼 #dontfuckwithme #magikk

A substitute told me "i hope you graduate" & i told her "i hope you lose some weight". #dontfuckwithme 😭😭

I've always been a dog guy. Since as far back as I can remember. Titan, Mushu, Loki and Kobe, and they have been the most loyal of companions. However I've had this little guy for less than a week and he's ride or die. I'm living in his house, playing by his rules, apeaseing the boss on the daily. Fuck around and get checked. I'm okay with that. #kitty #dontfuckwithme #Zuri

Tas brīdis, kad fāters Tevi dirst sūta! 😂 #germany #fatherland #fuckyou #bref #dontfuckwithme #work

Pantyhose and black stiletto heels. Pretty damn sexy! Makes me wanna go buy a ton of patterned pantyhose. Or y’all can go support from my wishlist😘😘😘😘. . . . #youtuber #heelsandpantyhose #stockingsfetish #stockingsandheels #unapologeticallyme #opentoeheels #fashionista #ootd #mdigia #mooresville #mooresvillenc #confidenceissexy #dontfuckwithme #lkn #lakenorman

Another proof of not valuing someone else’s time Don’t fxxk with the Young OG #wasteoftime #timevalue #selfish #clownseverywhere #retro #kobe #YoungOG #dontfuckwithme

"Devo ammetterlo la tua migliore qualità è che superi ogni problema non importa la gravita sorridendo" Cit. & ph: @fede9548 #pirex #dublin #dcu #dontfuckwithme