Who doesn’t love a good smoothie?! . . Who wants me to post my recipes and ideas for smoothie inspiration? . . Like and Comment 🍑 for yes! If we hit 50 likes and comments I’ll post it! . . DM me with any questions or if you want to see me create a smoothie with a specific ingredient you have or if you just want to say hi!

😉 😍 #ExtremeExercise . Fitness tips & inspiration ➡ @extremeexercise . . It will be always You vs You 🥊 The hardest battle you’ll ever fight 🏋🏽‍♂️ So try to be the best version of yourself and compare yourself to others 💪🏽 Wishing everyone a wonderful evening 🌅 #youvsyou #bestversion #everyoneisbeautiful #travelblogger #fashioninfluencer #mallorca #mallorca2018 #trainhard #sixpack #fitnessmotivation Credits: @sebastianmansla

Hey guys! So a little bit about me: anyone who does know me knows that I do not have “going out clothes”, you can open my closet and you will find a plethora of gym clothes and work clothes with a dash of track pants and a dollop of hoodies, but no dresses or dressy, girls night out clothing! I have never really been someone who wears tight clothes or show my tummy, I’ve always felt so insecure about showing off my curves and felt judged anytime I’d get the balls to wear a tight dress or a pair of shorts. So I would hide under layers and big definitely non fitting or flattering clothes. . . Since I have started my fitness journey I have developed such insane confidence and I just love my body! I wear clothes that accentuate my figure and hug my curves! I have always been a curvy girl, big booty, big hips and it scared me because I didn’t look like my twiggy classmates that the guys drooled over. The progress I have made makes me so unbelievably happy that I can’t explain it! With the incredible motivation and encouragement and guidance from the beautiful @fit4lifetrish , she inspired me to work towards a better lifestyle for myself and helped me develop a love for my body again! . . So I decided to try on a bikini the other day and it was the first time I have ever put on a bikini and said to myself in the mirror “DAMN GIRL YOU LOOK FABULOUS!!!” Again, wearing a bikini with my curves made me so nervous and I would always hide under shorts or a cover up or always have a towel to cover myself. This is the first time I have ever jaw dropped and ooed and ahhed at myself! . . So today, I went out for lunch at @stateandmain with my Aunt and chose this outfit! Never in a million years would I have chosen this outfit previously! Jeans and a crew neck T was the go to, or jeans and a nice top, but it was always full coverage and most of the time if not always a high neck shirt. . . So here I am, ooing and ahhhing at myself and I wanted to share some body positivity and self love with my beautiful and incredible followers today! I’ve still got a long road of greatness to work on but this small milestones are what propel me to keep pushing towards my end goal!

Luckily @markscanada in Fernie has sizes up to 2X. Pregnant and plus sized and found this beautiful dress that shows off my bump. Feeling amazing and pretty darn hot! Making the clothes work for my body and shape. #confidentinmyskin #everyoneisbeautiful #beautyinallsizes #beautyinallshapes #plussize #plusfashion #plus #plusmom #momtobe #fashionforall #markscanada #mirrorselfie #rockyourcurves #rockyourlook #selfconfidence #fashon #smalltownshopping #ferniebc

Gearing up and preparing for another great Pride Week! Excited to be part of it and looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!!!!

Seated row 😛😛😛 baby got back 🧐 love this progress! So obsessed with how awesome my back looks! Keep pushing everyday and keep grinding every second and you will see incredible results!

• ma sis is lil weirdo. maybe bcs she's ma sis & i'm weird.. but i love her. i think she's my lil soulmate and i never want to lose her. she's just a lil version of me. thank u charlotte for being the best sis in the world, ily xx (and we love chinese soups, lol) • • • • • #czechgirl #czech #insta #feed #photo #instagram #selflove #lovemyself #everyoneisbeautiful #huawei #huaweiphotography #sister #sisters #siblingslove #loveislove #love #sisterslove