Os verdadeiros, merecedor de coração, aos verdadeiros muita luz ,paz, justiça, união, aos verdadeiros só de olhar no olho sabem quem são. 🙏🙌✌️🤙👊☀️🌴🌊🐶💦❤️.

Say hello to Scout! He is here for manners and all around obedience training. He went straight to playing as if he's always been here, so I have a feeling training is going to be a lot of fun for this guy! #labrador #labradorretriever #obedience #balancedtraining #boardandtrain #offleashgoals #instinctk9 #portlanddogtraining #pdxdogtraining

Can you please put the camera away this stick and I have had a meeting for 5 minutes now you’re embarrassing me pls

Throwback to me finding my feet in my forever home 🏡 🐾