...porque su diestra me sustentó🌺


👑😍❤ QOB

hi i feel fucking sick gn #bellatwins #wwe

he has RETURNED (argentina i love you wtf u treated our boy so well)


dear dove, please do not be disappointed in my lack of emotional vocabulary. as you know(i have been blocked many times for this very reason), being emotional is not my forte. however, if there was any reason for me to actually be emotional, it would be you. you are my best friend and i am so so happy to have known you for two whole years. that’s so badass. we are so badass. i love you forever dove/pb, and i hope that we can be best friends for a long long long long long time. like infinity. and i hope we can meet and manage an el pollo loco together. i love you. so so much. SO SO MUCH. i can’t wait for us to meet in real life and somehow become even better best friends! i’m beyond proud to be your sex slave.

eai gente, de boas?