• Microwave Cleaner • • Grab a microwave safe bowl • Add 1 cup of water • Add 5 drop of lemon EO • Microwave for 3 mins 👌🏻 Wipe down the inside for a sparkling clean finish and an amazing smelling kitchen 🙌🏻 Thanks again @thewellness_collective

• Glass Cleaner •

Meet Victoria: Victoria Miller is now serving #teamhive as our Director of Operations. She attends client appointments, recruits new Helpers, and works to keep each and every client happy before and after their appointment. Outside of work she stays busy raising two young boys with her husband Jory and is very involved with their church. Victoria (right) is pictured here with her sister Johnnie.

#repost @branchbasics Get that CLEAN feeling, without any toxic residue! 😊💚 #naturalcleaning #cleanliving #livenontoxic #chemicalfree #nontoxiccleaning

Cleaning= some wine and tons of it lol #cleaning #iguesssomeonehastodoit #nontoxiccleaning

Today is #NationalIceCreamDay! Celebrate by making this delicious Orange Creamsicle Ice Cream recipe to share with your friends and family! Head over to our Facebook page for the recipe. #TransformYourHouse #OrangeHouse #NonToxicCleaning #TheScienceOfNatural #ThePowerOfNatural #GloveFreeCleaning

✨A CLEANER CLEANER✨ Lots of time on my mat means lots of keeping it clean. There are some crazy things in cleaning products these days so I prefer to make my own yoga mat cleaner using essential oils. . It takes 4 ingredients and 5 mins. It’s a no brainer and I can feel as good about what’s on my mat as the work I do on it. Plus this is like a 2 in 1, read on to find out what I’m talking about. 🌿 3/4 C distilled water 1/4 C alcohol-free witch hazel 5 drops Lavender oil 4 drops Melaleuca (Tree Tree) oil 🌿 Combine all ingredients in a 4oz glass bottle, shake, and voila! 🌿 I like the combo of lavender and melaleuca for their cleansing and soothing properties. . 🙌 Bonus: I spritz this on my face after yoga for a refreshing, soothing, and cleansing post-workout pick me up! Can you do that with store bought cleaners? . Lavender oil also promotes feelings of vitality and can evoke positive feelings of self-awareness. It’s also great for soothing the skin. . Melaleuca or Tea Tree oil can be used surfaces to protect against environmental threats and supports feelings of open airways and easy breathing. . Do you use natural products in your home?

Thieves soft scrub cleaner. Non toxic and works magic! #younglivingessentialoils #nontoxiccleaning #thievessoftscrub

Hello my dear friends. 😍 - - All set up for our launch day @cafeannisaa - - Looking forward to treating our ladies to an amazing day of mini taster treatments, and information of how they can take charge of their own wellbeing, physically and emotionally. With @sabrina_holistic_therapy @dawnsabeeha - Treatments including taster Indian head massage, facial cupping, doTERRA Hand Aromatouch, HANDSCAN bookings being taken, reflexology, healthy snacks and drinks. - - Still a few tickets available. Come join us. Monday 16th July 10 a. m. Till 3p. m. - Have a blessed evening. 😍❤😍❤ - LOVE AND PEACE. - #number1oils #zytohandscan #mindsetiseverything #opportunities #liveinthemoment #homeschooling #restful #naturalhealth #essentioloils #healthyliving #doterra #healthyandhappy #livingcleanandpure #diffuserblend #emotionalwellbeing #emotionalhealing #organic  #loveandpeace #happyandblessed #positivequotes #workfromhome #purificationoftheheart #bethelight #ukmums #mompreneur #essentialoilswork #nontoxiccleaning

#plasticfreejuly Detoxify and reduce plastic purchases at the same time by creating a plastic-free kitchen! We use Castile soap for dishes, soda, salt, vinegar, and lemon, and make dishwasher detergent, all ingredients we buy in bulk bins. Switch to recyclable metal and biodegradable scrubbies and dishcloths. Note, I reused old plastic containers for storage instead of tossing them out. That’s a way to transition to #plasticfree from traditional plastic life and keep existing plastic out of the dump. #trimazing #zerowaste #zerowastehome #zerowastevegan #zerowastecoach #zerowastekitchen #zerowastecleaning #nontoxicliving #nontoxichome #nontoxiccleaning #zerowasteseattle #seattlezerowaste #vegan #seattlevegan #veganseattle

These might not look like huge amounts of Thieves Cleaner, but it’s ultra-concentrated so it’s actually much cheaper than what you find in the stores. All you need is a cap full to put in a standard size spray bottle and fill the rest with water (I eyeball my amounts- you really can’t go wrong). You can fill about 60 bottles with the large bottle! 😱 How much would that save you in your cleaning budget?!?!?! • • AND it’s non-toxic and plant-based, you can use it to clean EVERYTHING, and safe for your kids and pets. We use it because my son has asthma and most conventional cleaners really irritate his little lungs. With the thieves cleaner I actually LET my kids clean and they love feeling grown up. 😉 • • The premium starter kits come with the little sample on the left so you can try it out for free and see if you like it (you will love it). It contains around 1-2 capfuls. • • And think of all the cleaners you could get rid of under your sink!! More space! Less waste!

#tooeasy to make your own carpet freshener with no synthetic fragrances or chemicals. Try it! This is literally how quick it is, less than a minute. . Just pick up the icing sugar shaker from Coles/ woolies and grab the bi-carb out of the pantry and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. . I love lemon oil as it smells so fresh and it an excellent deordoriser but lavender or eucalyptus are also good. . But I also use this tin in other ways too. . 🍋 I sprinkled it in my washing machine too as it’s been smelling a little musty 😷. . 🍋 I grab this tin out when cleaning the bathroom, sprinkling some on my sponge for a bit of extra gumption. Works a treat on soap scum 👍🏻. . Silent video, no sound required . . #nontoxiccleaning #raiseyourvibration #greencleaning #throwawaythegasmask #lemonyfresh #essentialstate #elevateyourstate

Finally I get to do my DIY cleaners. So easy! Got the recipe from @cleanmama Made Two sets, one for each bathroom. Trying to get a system going so that I can have more time with the family. Is working 🙌🏽 #sisepuede #zerowastejourney #cleaning #nontoxicliving #diycleaner #diycleaning #diy #nontoxiccleaning #toxicfreehome #zerowastehome #zerowastecleaning

Made a little something something because this seems like what all the cool kids are doing today. If you want to see me awkwardly talk to a camera and unbox my July Essential Rewards, click the link in bio. If not, carry on. . . . . . #yleo #younglivingessentialoils #essentialoils #wellness #healthyliving #oilylife #oily #oils #nontoxic #nontoxicliving #nontoxicbeauty #nontoxiccleaning #nontoxicmakeup #vsco #vscocam #healthy #chemicalfree

G I V E A W A Y✨ two lucky peeps will win not one sample of my fave household cleaner ( #thievesforpresident) but TWO! One to go in an amber glass spray bottle to mix up your future fave cleaner & the other to mix with baking soda for some nontoxy soft scrub goodness✨ so just to lay it out- leave a comment telling me your least favorite cleaning chore & two random winners will receive: * two Thieves cleaner samples * an amber glass spray bottle * my fave bamboo scrubby brush Giveaway closes Monday @ 6pm PST & winner will be announced on Tuesday!😍 Tag a friend for an extra entry! 😉

Had such a lovely time at this morning’s natural home cleaners workshop! Thanks so much to all those who attended! We had a lot of fun and made a lot of great smelling, non-toxic cleaning products!!