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Yesterday a paid speaking deal fell apart during the final stages of contract negotiations. A publication that has paid me to write—for two years—told me they no longer need my articles. . . I had to fire an executive that I’ve been coaching—for months—because he’s not doing the work. He wanted to milk the company because they were paying for the sessions. . . For every fun thing/win I post about, know that there were five other things that were not fun to deal with. This is the unsexy part of business that builds character and keeps you hungry. . . You learn from every experience and there are always opportunities to get back up and win. I tell you about these kind of moments because I always want to show the full picture. . . Some days you get the NO’s. Other days you get ignored. And there are days when you feel like doing nothing more than binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows. . . But then comes tomorrow and you try again. Tomorrow I’ll be “off,” but Monday I’ll get back to doing the work.