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Internet Of Things or IoT. 📶 Conversations about IoT (Internet of things) are taking place from past few years. It is becoming an increasingly growing topic. Do you still wonder what exactly 'IoT' is? Well...worry no more! I have got it covered for you. There is a lot of complexities about IoT but I will only talk about basics. So, as the title image shows IoT is simply the relationship between people-people, people-things & things-people. Can't understand?! Lets start with understanding few things. Internet is available almost everywhere, it has become cheaper and most of the devices created these days are capable of being connected with WiFi. Now consider all the things around you are connected to WiFi. This includes everything from your Smart phones, Smart watches, TV, Air conditioning system, Coffee maker, Toaster and cars. Each and everything inside and outside of your home are connected to WiFi. Now consider all these devices around the world are connected together. This is what IoT basically is. Lets clear this out with an example. Consider you are on your way to your friend birthday party and you face heavy traffic. Your car is smart enough to choose the way with less traffic and at the mean time it sends a message to your friend that you will be late. Cool, duh? Consider another scenario. Your alaram is connected to your toaster. So every morning when your alarm rings your breakfast gets ready. Safes whole a lot of work? No? The concept behind IoT is to build smart cities in order to increase efficiency and reduce waste. There are certain drawbacks as well. One of them is security issue. With billions of devices being connected together, what can people do to make sure that their information stays secure? Another issue is the massive amounts of data that all of these devices are going to produce and how to store it. Hope this clears out your confusions related to IoT. If you have any questions regarding IoT or if you want me to write more about it simply comment below or DM me. ☺️ #f4f #f4follow #l4l #like4likes #techies #techupdate #techblog #internetofthings #internetofthing #bloggingcommunity #blog #pakistanibloggers

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