I yacked up a hairball and am now basking in the spot where I left it. Mama says I'm an ass #jonsnow #tuxedocatsofinstagram #tuxedofeatures #hairball #jerkcat

MY LITTLE SATELLITE DISH HAS LANDED AT HOME!!!!! 📡 #missionaccomplished, or like..one leg of the mission I guess. Deltrice needs 5 different meds a day (same as me 😊) for a few days, and eventually he has to go get the staples removed from his tummy, but he is home and happy and I have never received this amount of purring and nuzzling in my entire life. Added bonus, he has a healthy appetite and is flinging food pieces all over the fucking kitchen like normal 🍗 not to be a broken record but I’m broke as shit, on EI and Alberta works, struggling to find a job, and Deltrice’s vet bills are over $7000 - in my opinion his life is obviously 999999% worth it, but the money is still owed. If you’ve already looked and shared and/or donated, or even just passed along well wishes, I (we) cannot thank you enough. If you haven’t, at least take a minute to click the link and share in your story or something. Absolutely every little gesture counts and I can’t thank y’all enough ❤️😭 so happy to have Deltrice home and safe. #gofundme #gofundmeanimals #gofundmepets #donationsneeded #goodboy #conekitty #tuxedocat #tuxedocatsofinstagram #catsofinstagram

Extra pic for the day... Purrincess Xena in the build-a-bear dog house. She loves little hidey holes like this. #mirrorandthemewsettes #tuxedocatsofinstagram #tuxedocatsrule #polydactylcat #cutekitty #catsofinstagram

Gonzo made the journey to California and is reunited with his pride 😺 My heart feels whole again. #catlady #ourfirstpet #tuxedocatsofinstagram

Bath time! 🛁👅

Lucious! 🍓