text me at (323) 886 - 2525 for reservations NOW! 💎

text (323) 886 - 2525 for reservations NOW! 🔌

text me at (323) 886 - 2525 for guest list and table reservations ASAP! 👍

It can, and it does. Please feel free to take a look at my posts before this one to verify. Like a broken record, I repeat that in the shiny promises of bad vacation choices lies two slaughterhouses 15-20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. The chickens, ducks and roosters who are killed here are “raised with love and compassion”, #organic and #pastureraised from a Pitman family farm owned by @maryschicken in Northern California. The idea that these labels should mean they’re treated better is a lie meant to market to people to soothe their consciences, which is why companies like @wholefoods and @naturalgrocers that cater to such a “conscious crowd” buy from companies like @maryschicken. It’s a scam. And thinking that you need the bodies of these animals for you to thrive is a grave misunderstanding that comes from a place of habit. Bad habits should be broken. Here in #sincity, they arrive hungry, thirsty, sick, broken and dead on arrival as they are 12 weeks old and younger upon making the 9 hour trip. They go without food and water for that time, and as they are babies, you could imagine how disorienting it is for them and how harsh the trip, desert weather and overall conditions of their realities affects them physically and mentally. I can’t save them all, but you can help me save some and show others the realities behind everyday “food choices” to push towards a system of thought and people that is consistent with their morals of “do no harm” and “do unto others.” Thank you again to everyone who bore witness with @lasvegasanimalsave this past Saturday and also inadvertently spent my birthday morning with me. Vegankit.com Earthlings.com BiteSizeVegan.com HumaneMyth.org ViveVegano.org NutritionFacts.org @ktnv @8newsnow @fox5vegas #govegan #vegan #lasvegasanimalsave #lasvegas #whathappensinvegas #meat #chickenbreast #chickennuggets #animalrights #animalliberation #doglover #catlover #petlover #familypet #chickenwings #animalrescue #rescueanimals #whatveganslooklike #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #vegangirl #crueltyfree