8 months old, I’m a big boy! I love my treats, belly rubs, wrestling with my hooman brother, my bunny and my other hoomans mom and dad! They love me so much! Their love helps me grow! #woof 🐾💕

В его маленьком сердце всегда найдется место для огромного чувства❤️ 📷 @candycrush_bordercollie 🌺 ▫️ ▫️ #dogman #dog #pet #woof #animal #lovedog #prettydog #guarddog #playwithdog ▫️ @im_a_dogman 🐶

Let’s play a game. What are the 3 things you love celebrating most?! Feel free to elaborate, or keep it super simple. I’m going to elaborate! . Birthdays! Although I have never been big on celebrating my own, I love celebrating Gabe's, our girls, and miss Iszy! It happens to be her 5th birthday today!!!! Which is why she is getting her first IG debut today! Everyone meet Iszy! . Christmas! I am a girl who LOVES tradition, although Christmas in Arizona has always felt different, I sure change my mind about cold weather as soon as I am in it! So I just watch a lot of Christmas movies that have snow!!! . New Years! My celebrating is a little different! I am a goal addict! I love seeing what I accomplished and seeing where I can improve. New Year is a great time for me to measure my yearly success! (Or lack of if we are measuring success in the working out department) . It doesn’t matter how big or little, but share your list in the comments below! Feel free to tag a friend who you know has the same Celebration favorites! Nothing like celebrating together! . . . . . #westie #puppy #doglife #furbaby #dogmom #fourleggedchild #celebration #birthday #woof #isntshecute #mansbestfriend #happybirthday #favoriteholiday