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. Lastly, Any refusal to provide the data for these purposes may prevent Gilmar Divisione Industria S.p.A.from proceeding with the contract and/or fulfilling the legal obligations stipulated therein. Lana care комбинезон.. На ваш номер телефона отправлено SMS с новым паролем. The personal data collected and processed by Gilmar Divisione Industria S.p.A. we will comply fully with all of the relative confidentiality and transparency provisions. Providing the information is therefore mandatory on your part.

Your personal data will not be circulated. The same holds true for the financial solvency info, production, supplier, administrative assistant and/or sales agent databanks where they may be accessed by members of the various commercial, IT/computer management staffs. We wish to inform you that in order to carry out in-house statistical analyses there is no provision for communicating your personal information other than in aggregate and anonymous form through the divulgation of the statistical results. As a result of previous business dealings with you, we have on hand the email address info that you provided us with. We also wish to inform you that the company staff processing your data will carry out the individual operations on the basis of written instructions and will have access solely to information essential to performing assigned tasks. To receive financial solvency info, we may communicate your personal data to business information agencies and firms. Under the abovementioned Privacy and Data Protection Policy. They will be entered into customer, we kindly ask you to keep in mind that Gilmar Divisione Industria S.p.A.

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. In addition, we wish to inform you that Gilmar Divisione Industria S.p.A. Providing the information and subsequent processing of the data are intrinsic to enabling us to execute all activities necessary for fulfilling contractual and relative legal obligations. The personal data will be processed and kept in paper and electronic form